Welcome! I’m Shelby, the wife & lover of a Midwestern hunter. You’ve probably guessed that much! We’ve settled ourselves in a humble ranch home on a few acres in southwest Missouri.¬† As a newly married hunters wife, it didn’t take long to learn that hunting isn’t a hobby, but a lifestyle. It bleeds over into my cooking, our schedules, budget, & family life. I want to share the laughs, lessons, & love with you as we go about our daily lives, seeking to be intentional in the little things that make a lasting love….

I love learning new things & creating, so you’ll find a little bit of everything here to (hopefully) improve and simplify your life! I’m a lover of many things and hobbies, & I usually dip my toes in things enough to be a little dangerous! I’ve got a git er done kind of attitude, and I’m rarely idle. We might be ripping out cabinets, finding the perfect date night makeup look, baking an amazing chocolate cake from scratch, ¬†changing the oil, or sitting up in a deer stand quietly watching the sunset & waiting for that prized buck to say hello. Whatever we’re doing, I’d like to take you along for the ride. Life? Let’s do this! Together.

I’m a lover of the outdoors & amazing views, but you’ll probably find me in the crawling position, or clenching my fists around the nearest immovable object, shaking like a baby when it comes to heights. We have a love hate relationship.

I take my coffee any way but weak.

I’m so infatuated with goats and chickens. I hope to add them to our 37 acres soon!

I’m a natural expert in creating awkward, laughable situations.

Photography is my first love. I love capturing special moments and making memories with portrait photography. Interested in a session? Stop by shelbyshootsphotography.com

I cannot do algebra to save my life.

I’m fascinated with architecture, and I’ve been drafting home plans since I was 12.

I’m an introvert. I love people. One on one. Tiny Groups. Real conversations. Zero small talk.

I love to laugh, and I hope you do too, because we’ll be doing lots of it!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?