Having a Fabulous Wedding for $3000 or Less.

We’re taking a break from recipes to welcome in the hunter wives to be! I have lots of friends getting married in the coming year, so I thought I would share some fresh advice on how to plan the wedding of your dreams on a small budget.

Here is a peak into our wedding! The first is a video shot by my good friend Jacob Eaton, and the second is a slideshow of a few of our photographs from my also amazing friend and photographer Shelby McLemore.

1.It’s not how much you have, but who you know.

Chances are, you have family and close friends that would love to help in all sorts of capacities. If I can be honest, this is really the only way our wedding went as smooth as it did. We have amazing friends and family. We we’re blessed by their giving of time, talents, and resources. If you know me at all, you know how much I hate asking for help.  I Loathe it. I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. But some we’re even asking me if there was anything they could help with. I just had to let go of my pride long enough to ask for help where I needed it. Our photographer was a friend, and we agreed to swap each other services when the day came…Her wedding was a few years ago, and now it was my turn 😉 Our venue was provided to us through a family friend for only $250. Oddly enough, another photographer friend, Jacob Eaton was just attending the wedding. He said ” I don’t know how to just attend. I’m always working these things.” He had his gear in the truck, and filmed the day for us, and I edited all the raw footage. WHAT A HUGE BLESSING!  My old boss provided a sound system and DJ services for the evening. Our families & wedding party helped us set up stuff the day before. Ladies in my family served our meal for us, and on, and on…I could seriously keep going with ways that everyone chipped in and helped bring about our special day, but this post would turn into a novel! Bottom line, we wouldn’t have had the wedding we did without the gracious support of our family and friends.


2. Know yourself & communicate with your hubby to be!

Know yourself. Figure out what is important to you both, and skip things that neither of you are too crazy about. It’s YOUR wedding. We’re outdoorsy, laid back people. We wanted our wedding to reflect our personalities, give importance to the significance of what was taking place, and for our guests to have fun. It doesn’t mean you can’t be classy at the same time, though….We cut out sending fancy invites with 3 envelopes and went for save the dates that I designed myself. My husband wore jeans and a nice button down. I’ve never seen him in a tux or dress pants, and honestly, it wouldn’t have been him. I wanted him to be comfortable!

3. Shop ONLINE

I seriously saved SO much money this way. I found a Groupon deal for printing my invites that I designed. Our invitations for 200 guests cost us 70 bucks. HUGE DEAL! I also found our cake topper, bridesmaid robes, isle runner, garter, & a handful of other items on amazon for great prices. Even better? If you sign up for their credit card and get approved, you save $50 on your purchase. I got everything that I just mentioned for a little over 30 bucks, I kid you not! The selection is limitless and you can find anything to suit your style.

4.Shop used

Scour Craigslist and those Facebook groups! It seems like everyone is selling their extravagant wedding items after they’ve been used….might I remind you for a mere 3 to 5 hours.

5. DIY till your heart is content!

I ordered bulk flowers from sam’s club and made our bouquets and arrangements myself. If you’re thinking “That is WAYYYY out of my level of expertise,” Hold on to your heels, because I’m going to be posting a blog post just for you daring brides that want to make your own. It’s not a scary as you may think, and you can have fresh, beautiful flowers for a fraction of the cost.

We really did so much DIY it’s not even funny! Go to bridal shows, sample amazing food, and take all those ideas home and find a way to do it yourself!

6. Think outside the box.

We wanted to feed people, because of the time we were having the wedding. Catering was not an option. Since we were having an outdoor fall wedding, I decided soups and chili would perfectly fit our theme. My mom made a huge pot of chili the day before, and I had found some frozen restaurant soups at one of out local grocery stores that takes truck overstock and sells to the public.

While a long story comes with this one, I went with a non traditional dress that was navy blue because I really hate the way I look in white. It was seriously a hilarious mess. I had bought a beautiful, beaded, lace gown that was super uncomfortable just because that is what you do for weddings. 2 weeks before the wedding, I had a melt down when I tried it on. I found my beautiful navy blue wedding dress at a bridal store with some of the nicest women on the planet. I explained my situation, and they were so awesome at helping me find the perfect dress that I felt comfortable and beautiful in…For a great price of 275 dollars….My first one was only 199, but hey, mistakes were made! This is probably where I hurt our budget most…buying 2 dresses.

Happily ever after

When it was all said and done, we stuck to our budget, and had a wedding better than I dreamed it would be. I was on stress and anxiety overload. The only difference from me and the rest of the normal world now is I’m not still stressing over paying for a wedding months or even years after one day! Tiny budgets only allow your creativity to flourish! We had SO many people coming up to us after we got back from our honeymoon telling us how fun & unique our wedding was. So don’t be afraid to tackle a wedding on a small budget! I did, & I couldn’t be more happy about how the day turned out!

Happy Planning,



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