10 Things I Love About Being A Hunters Wife

There was a shopping weekend dedicated to it at the outlet mall Cody & I visited on the last day of our honeymoon.We laughed, took a picture, & I made a mental note to budget for this place and come back next year.

Hunters Wives.

We joke, sometimes we complain, but ultimately, we love it. Otherwise we wouldn’t have married these camo clad, bearded supermen that we call our husbands. I haven’t been married to him 50 years yet. It’s safe to say we have a long way to go, but I love the characteristics & disciplines that have been crafted into my husband by his hunting obsession. I would call it a hobby, but we all know its a lifestyle. Not a hobby.

1. Provider

There is something extremely attractive about a man that can provide food for his family with his bare hands. Our freezer is full of deer meat right now, which really helps our grocery budget! Not only that, it is comforting to know that if something drastic happened, he would still be capable of putting food on the table.  The first time I saw my husband shoot, kill, skin, and quarter up a deer, I was really impressed of how effortless he and his cousin made it look. I’m not brave enough to attempt it yet, but I know my time is coming!

2. Protector

He is funny, kind, caring, loving, & gentle. He is also really comfortable with using knives, guns, & his hands. Someday we hope to have a family, and it’s comforting to know that he is capable of snake & spider disposal, taking out a threatening animal on one of our hiking or camping trips, & protecting those in his home from those who have bad intentions.

3. Directional Ability

The first time I really noticed Cody was on a trip with friends. He took over driving effortlessly with no directions necessary. I was sitting in the front seat going “Wow. That is attractive. He’s kinda cute too.” We have yet to be lost.

4. Attention to Detail

His precise calculations in hunting bleed out into everyday life. Sometimes it’s annoying, but at least I know he is actually paying attention. The details were present as we remodeled our home, as we made our Christmas gifts this year…..when I opened the silverware drawer one time and found all the silverware perfectly stacked…I mean, my goal is to get them back where they belong. That’s it. Sometimes he takes things a step further.

5. Camo

He just looks so darn good in camo. That’s all I need to say about this one!

6. Community

There is a bond that is formed when 3 men and a meat grinder are in your kitchen after the sun goes down. It may look like a scene from a horror movie. The smell isn’t so great. There is plastic wrap and blood on your table. But the fellowship and gratitude that comes from sitting around a table with close friends, bagging up ground deer in freezer bags is close to your heart.

7. Peace & Quiet.

My husband is my best friend. When he is home, I like being around him and doing stuff with him. When he is out, it gives me a chance to just relax and read, or maybe catch up on my to-do list without getting as distracted.

8. Learning/Supporting

I love that he is eager to share his passion of hunting. I get to go with him and learn myself. While some of my extended family & friends are hunters, we weren’t a hunting household.  I wasn’t opposed to it, but the opportunity to go never presented itself. I got my apprentice tags this year, and I almost got my first buck, but I wasn’t fast enough in lining up a good shot. Its a long, humorous story for another day!

9. He Grows

There is much time for prayer and meditation while sitting in a deer stand waiting for bambi’s father to tiptoe through your field. I love that he gets to get quiet and reflect on life for a few hours.

10. Discipline/Hard work

You get up early on your day off to suit up and climb in that deer stand. You can spend a lot of time tracking and finding a deer if your shot wasn’t as perfect as you hoped it would be. You can go out and not see anything at all. Finally, When you take that shot & get a kill, more work goes into it. Hunting isn’t for the lazy, and I am so glad I don’t have a lazy husband.

So, these are just a few things that I’ve loved/learned in the short time that I’ve been a part of the hunters wives club. I know some of you are much farther into this than I! What are some things you ladies love about your hunting hubby?




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